January 14, 2011

Sanskrit Wisdom - 48

Karaagre vasate lakshmi karamadhye saraswati |
Karamoole tu govindah prabhaate karadarshanam ||

kraga`o vasato laxmaI krmaQyao sarsvatI a
krmaUlao tu gaaoivand: p`Baato krdSa-nama\ aa

The tip of the hand (fingers), is the abode of Goddess Lakshmi; at the center of the hand (palm) stays Goddess Sarasvati. Govinda (Shri Vishnu) occupies the base of the hand (wrist). Hence, in the morning, one should look at one’s hands first [We gain our livelihood and acquire wealth by using fingers and learn by holding the pen in our fingers and palm. We can do everything else by wielding our wrists]

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